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JamPlay.com is hitting it big in the guitar world. Their website is a membership only service which broadcasts high-definition video guitar lessons. They have brought together guitar instruction with interactivity... even allowing you to ask questions to their video instructors. They feature 4-5 guitar instructors to give you a selection in teaching styles, which is a big plus.

They teach by "lesson set" instead of just dishing out a ton of small video clips. They start with the very basics like tuning your guitar, finger placement, and basic chords, and move on to finger-picking, palm muting, hammer ons, pull offs, and many more advanced topics. This methodical approach helps the guitar student from getting overwhelmed.

The other surprise is the low fee. Their monthly rate would not even get you ten minutes with most guitar teachers.

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Learn to Play Blues Guitar

Learn and Master Spotlight Series Blues Guitar


If you are blues fan and are just dying to sound like Stevie Ray Vaughan, then click on the image above and take a look at the Blues Guitar method by Steve Krenz.

The Spotlight Series on Blues Guitar is an in-depth, step-by-step course in blues guitar playing—the real nuts and bolts, not just a couple of blues licks. You’ll get what you need… the musical understanding, the concepts, chords, techniques, and riffs that allow you to enter the world of great blues guitar playing.

The Blues Guitar Course Includes:

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